Streetwise Maps STREETWISE Map Cuba

Streetwise Maps STREETWISE Map Cuba


Laminated Country Road Map of Cuba - Folding pocket size travel map.

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De omschrijving van Streetwise Maps STREETWISE Map Cuba

Cuba, the forbidden fruit of countries, is famous for cigars, colonial architecture, Communism, and 1950’s cars still careening thru the streets.

We hear it’s a great place to visit with its lush unspoiled terrain and friendly towns but for most Americans, it’s off limits. Unless you have a general or specific license, you may be in violation of the US Travel Ban to Cuba. To get a license, you need to prove you're a govenment official traveling on official business, a journalist, on a religious or humanitarian mission, a realtive of a Cuban citizen, an athlete or doing research (map research doesn't apply, we checked). Even these requirements have strict guidlines. It's not the traveling that's the problem, it's spending US dolIars that will get you in trouble. The Department of Treasury can impose fines up to $55,000 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Americans may not be able to legally travel to Cuba, but it’s so lovely and relatively undeveloped that it’s the number one warm weather destination for Canadians. Europeans also arrive by the planeful to take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere, inexpensive prices and, frankly, the lack of Americans.

So how did the STREETWISE® Cuba Map come about? This is the only map that was not physically researched by our in-house team. In fact, we out-sourced the work to a British cartographic firm that, assured by separate fact checkers from Canada, did an accurate job of drawing the road network of Cuba found on the map front and preparing the detailed expanded inset maps of Havana, Varadero, and Playas del Este, which are located on the map backside. The Cuba map is complete with index for hotels, sites, parks and streets.

We hope to one day visit Cuba when the travel ban is lifted. Until then we study the Cuba map and plan our itinerary.

STREETWISE® Cuba Map 2005

Map Scales
Main Cuba Map 1:650,000
Habana Map 1:18,000
Varadero Map 1:22,000
Playas Del Este Map 1:28,000

Map Dimensions
8.5 inches by 4 inches

8.5 inches by 32 inches

Cuba Map ISBN
ISBN 10:

ISBN 13:


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